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What to expect at Elevate

By: KumarD

If you missed the first Elevate experience this Saturday, at Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Takoma Park, Maryland, you missed a time of fun, games, and praise.  Johnny and Stacey from the afternoons, kicked off the night with a game of Bible or Not? It was a fun time of learning the word of God, with prizes for all the participants!

The WGTS 91.9 Gateway Band ushered in a time of praise and led the audience in a sing-along to remind us that God's love never fails and no matter what we do, we cannot be anything, but loved by God.

As a special treat, Miss D.C. World Michelle Pierrot, shared her personal story of hope, faith and perseverance through financial difficulty and great loss. “I feel like there is a misconception sometimes, especially being in pageantry, where people are like oh you’re so perfect and everything is so great and I’m like no, let me tell you my story.” Miss D.C. World says that it is such a reward to come to worship events like Elevate to let people know, that when it comes to personal struggles, everyone is on the same page in life. “We are all going through something and we can all overcome the problems we’re facing,” Michelle said.

Families of all shapes and sizes were blessed by the Elevate experience. Keith and Tae Norman who attended with their two young daughters, both listen to the station and heard about Elevate on the radio. Keith had his wisdom tooth pulled that morning and didn’t know if he was going to make it. “We were leaving a birthday party with the girls and I thought why not go to worship,” Ms. Norman shared. So, Keith rallied and they all came together as a family to share in the message. The couple said they loved the inspirational experience. Keith is nearing the end of a graduate program and identified with the message about not giving up and battling through the tough times in life.

Chaplain Kumar Dixit shared a faith-filled plan of action to survive the tough times in life:

1. Be prepared with a plan

2. Don’t fight battles alone and

3. Give permission to others to participate.  

Chaplain Kumar described a time in his life when he was feeling broken and helpless. His wife was in the hospital fighting for her life after the birth of their second child. Despite numerous people he called “friends,” he felt he had no one to call at that moment. “It was an awakening that God doesn't want you to go through battles alone.” Champlain Kumar told the audience. “Every single one of us goes through battles in life. No matter what you are going through, God wants to do it with you. He wants to bring people to hold you up.”

That is exactly what Elevate is all about. It is about being surrounded with the family of God, who is there to support you and love you unconditionally – so you don't have to fight those battles alone. At Elevate, we want you to have a place to grow one step closer to Christ, and we are hosting each event at different locations throughout the area, so you can connect with a church in your local community. 

So, invite someone out and come and join us for our next Elevate worship experience. You can connect as a community, put down your load and put on the Love of Christ.


Written by volunteer writer, Ebony Turner

Elevate - Night of Worship at Mclean Bible Church from WGTS 91.9 on Vimeo.