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Put together a summer bored jar

By: Tom
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Each summer, parents and caregivers are given the task of entertaining their kids. Outside of camps and daytime activities, another really great idea is a bored jar. The very first time one of the kids says, “I’m bored!” you can whip out the jar for them to choose an activity. It is also a great way to get away from screens ☺ here are a few suggestions about what to put on the slips of paper in your Bored Jar.

Put a weird topping on ice creamPick out each other’s outfits for a fashion showSing a song really loudBuild a blanket fortPick a flower and draw a picture of itMake musicGroom your petPair all of your socksPaint rocksDo a jigsawMake someone a cardWrite a story starting with “I had to…”Pretend you are a knightJump up and down 20 timesPaint with water balloonsWater the plantsMake a bird feederPlan dinner, write a menu, help cook and servePretend you are a cowboyOne chore of mom’s choiceMake a paper plate monster mask

And any of the others on my 91 things to do this summer blog!