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Stacey Stone's summer reading list

By: Tom
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About The BookFolks are dying fast as the ash trees in the southern Indiana town ravaged by the heroin epidemic, where Jaycee Givens lives with nothing more than a thread of hope and a quirky neighbor, Sudie, who rescues injured wildlife. After a tragedy leaves her mother in prison, Jaycee is carrying grief and an unplanned pregnancy she conceals because she trusts no one, including the kind and handsome Gabe, who is new to town and to the local diner where she works.

Dividing her time between the diner and Sudie’s place, Jaycee nurses her broken heart among a collection of unlikely friends who are the closest thing to family that she has. Eventually, she realizes she can’t hide her pregnancy any longer—not even from the baby’s abusive father, who is furious when he finds out. The choices she must make for the safety of her unborn child threaten to derail any chance she ever had for hope and redemption. Ultimately, Jaycee must decide whether the truest form of love means hanging on or letting go.


As I read a book, my mind always wanders to who I know that would love the book, who would like it and who I would want to avoid it if it was painful. For this book, I felt drawn to any reader that has ever made a difficult decision, is making one right now or who will make one in the future. In others words, everyone. The story of strength that Amy builds through describing Jaycee’s path touches your heart and makes you wonder until close to the end what she will decide. Amy builds a story of hope through the opioid crisis that we are living right now family to family. Her characters struggle with trust and hope as she builds a story that will fill your summer days with thoughtful prose. 


This book took 4 days to read during a very busy week :-)