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Health Minute: Is Your Play Ground Safe?

By: Jerry
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Playgrounds are a great way to encourage your child to run, jump, swing and climb – all of which are important in a child’s health, wellness and development.

But did you realize that nearly 200,000 kids wind up in the emergency room every year because of an injury they got on a playground? That includes playsets in parks, at school and in your own backyard.

Keep your kids safe – and encourage their adventurous spirit — by evaluating the safety of your favorite playgrounds:

  • Pick playgrounds appropriate to your child’s age and development.
  • Make sure swings, slides and ladders are sturdy and well maintained before letting your children play.
  • Visit playgrounds with a soft, impact-absorbing surface like mulch, wood chips, rubber or sand.

While you’re at the playground, follow these tips to help your kids play it safe.

  • Review playground rules before heading out. Rules should include:
    • Stay near parents and caregivers
    • Avoid parking lots and nearby roads
    • No pushing or shoving
    • Use equipment as its designed
    • Walk behind swings
  • Keep an eye on your child at all times.

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