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Her hand is not so small…

By: Tom
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There is a reverence to the picture. In simplicity the pose captures the relationship that my 

husband and I have had with our Compassion child for many years. My husband and Sandra 

are on a bus, across the aisle from me, and she is sitting in his lap. Her little 6-year-old hand is 

wrapped around his as they both study the game on his phone. I captured the moment because 

our time together was fleeting and soon she would fly away. Her gracious, brave mother let us 

show her love for a few hours and smiled at me as I held her in the line at the airport. This child 

that we had promised to sponsor was real and present for that moment and Johnny and I are 

eternally grateful for that short time. The picture captures all of that for my heart. 


For a Compassion sponsor, picture day is exciting and wonderful. You receive updated pictures 

in the mail and the hope of your sponsorship is captured there. A child that might not have had a 

chance to grow without your sponsorship is shown through each photo sent to be taller and 

taller. Their hair might change and their clothes are always a size or two bigger but, for me, it is 

her hands that I always go to first. How much bigger are her hands than the picture I took on the 

bus? Sandra turned ten this year and she is tall for her age but her sweet hands remain the little 

girl that we cherished on our trip.  


For you, the sponsorship experience and your focus in pictures will be different but the end 

result is the same. A child will hold in their hands water that is clean enough for them to drink, a 

meal that fills their little tummy with great nutrition, and they will learn about what Jesus’ nail 

scarred hands have done for them. And you will be holding their hand from afar.