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Laugh Your Head Off! (10/26/21)

By: Stacey
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J- Hey Stacey, did you know that there is a bird that can’t sing?

Yeah, it’s the hummingbird.


S- Hey Cleavon, Johnny asked me to put ketchup on our grocery list. Now I can’t read anything on it.


C- Hey Johnny, have you ever had a conversation with a goat?

They keep butting in.


J- Hey Stacey, a saw a chicken staring at a bowl of lettuce and tomatoes. It was a “chicken sees a salad”.


S- Hey Cleavon, I had a dream that two antennae got married. The ceremony was fine but the reception was fantastic.


C- Hey Johnny, I was asking around what the lowest rank in the army is, but nobody would tell me. Apparently, it’s private.


B- Hey Johnny, just checking in-Laugh Your Head Off today is not too bad today.

J- Oh, thanks!

B- Hey, by the way, did you know I was thinking of buying a Tesla?

J- Really? Why didn’t you buy it?

B- It’s because they charge a lot