A heart of gratitude

It’s amazing what happens when we choose to be grateful. That one choice helps us to take our eyes off ourselves and helps us focus back on God. It reminds us that we are not in control, but we put our trust in the One who is…

This heartfelt note represents one of many like you who have discovered a new sense of gratefulness through WGTS 91.9 because of your generosity. 

   I struggled with deep depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and endless nights of crying. I found your station one evening as I was stuck in traffic. I am reminded every day that God has so much planned for me that I have yet to experience. I listen to Johnny and Stacey on my way home from work, and always come home with a smile thinking of all the ways God has blessed my life. I will forever be grateful. - Kathleen

I invite you to make a special contribution this month of $250, $500, $1,000 or your best gift. Together – we will finish the year strong with all commitments covered. When we each do our part, lives close to us are changed and, listeners like Kathleen, find a spirit of gratefulness that was once missing.

Each of us doing our part brings a renewed sense of gratefulness into literally hundreds of thousands of lives each week – and that changes everything!


– Kevin Krueger, WGTS General Manager/President

The music reminds a future Marine of home

I have been a listener for many years – my son always knows what the station is turned to on the very busy days of school and activities but I never knew the impact the music would have until now. See, my son is currently at boot camp in Parris Island to become a U.S. Marine. He goes to chapel every week. In a recent letter I asked him what he has learned or taken away from chapel. He wrote back and said, "Mom, chapel always makes me think of you and miss home because they always play the songs you listen to on the radio. I love you and see you soon." —Caryl