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What does it take to change a life?

Sandra recently called WGTS 91.9 for prayer and talked with Becky, our midday host. It was a difficult call.

As Becky shares it, "Through tears, Sandra told how their family had lost a dear loved one. It's been a while, but she is still feeling the deep pain of loss. They can't eat dinner at the table together without looking to the spot where she used to sit, bringing on that feeling of overwhelming sadness."

Becky prayed with her – a prayer for comfort, for peace of heart and for God's presence. Becky brought the story to our staff morning prayer time along with a question from Sandra, "How do we get past this?"

Perhaps you've seen God work in your own life through WGTS 91.9. You might remember a time when you were provided just the lift you needed to face a hard day, or maybe a song settled your anxiety when the doctor had to deliver the news you didn't want to hear. Perhaps it was that moment of joy when your child sang along with a song about Jesus in the back seat of the car for the first time or that concert where a family member gave their life to Christ.

It is an honor to be here for you and your loved ones. We are walking through life together, encouraging each other, strengthening marriages, providing hope, growing closer to Christ. It happens because of your prayers and financial generosity.


– Kevin Krueger, WGTS General Manager/President

The music reminds a future Marine of home

I have been a listener for many years – my son always knows what the station is turned to on the very busy days of school and activities but I never knew the impact the music would have until now. See, my son is currently at boot camp in Parris Island to become a U.S. Marine. He goes to chapel every week. In a recent letter I asked him what he has learned or taken away from chapel. He wrote back and said, "Mom, chapel always makes me think of you and miss home because they always play the songs you listen to on the radio. I love you and see you soon." —Caryl