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When depression sidetracks your journey

By: Becky
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We've all had those moments when all the 'to-do's' seem overwhelming.  And if you've ever dealt with depression, you know how that can quickly spiral you into a dark mood that is tough to get out of.  Mandisa ('Overcomer', 'Good Morning', 'Stronger') is always very open about her life journey.  She opened her heart to the nation about her struggle with food addiction after some harsh criticism about her weight when she was on "American Idol".  She is now baring her soul and talking about her struggle with depression recently. 

She wrote on Facebook:  "A few months ago I was in a pretty deep depression.  I isolated myself and closed out all of my loved ones, including God.  Eventually, I felt so holpeless and far away from my heavenly Father than I could see no way out of the self-imposed pit that I climbed into." 

She says she is on the other side of that dark valley now, and it was a Christian song that was a big part of helping her through.  If you, or someone you know has been through a similar situation, you can may want share her daily journey on Facebook with them. 

This new song from Casting Crowns called "One Step Away" really encouraged her.