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Artist Spotlight - Katy Nichole

By: Rob
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“Music has a healing strength, and I hope my words bring a positive message to the world.” This sums up the mission and passion of Katy Nichole. If anyone would know how music and God could bring healing, it is her.

Born in Illinois, she started in her teens to write and sing. Now at 21, she is releasing a 6-song album. Her first song, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible),” came after many years of working to conquer her own health challenges. She was born with congenital scoliosis, which means the bones in the back aren’t straight and, in her case, were starting to affect her heart and lungs. A surgery that should have improved her condition only brought excruciating pain and, with it, severe depression. At one point, she was so depressed she was ready to take pills to escape it all. As she reached for them, it was as if someone knocked them out of her hand, and, in that moment, she felt God’s presence and knew she should keep fighting. Eventually, the surgeon removed the metal rods and screws. The pain subsided, and her back was straighter than it had ever been. In addition to the physical healing, she felt a spiritual healing.


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Katy says, “I am still facing health challenges even today. Life is a healing journey that we are all on. We may be facing different battles, but we are all reaching toward the same goal. Every day I call on the name of Jesus to provide health and strength so that I can keep doing what I’m doing. I am so blessed to be where I am today and I know that each day is a gift. I put my faith in Jesus and I trust in His perfect plan.”

Watch the official video for her song "In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)":