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Split The Sea - official video

By: Rob
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Chances are you've heard the story since you were a child. The Israelites pack up and leave Egypt where they have been enslaved for hundreds of years. But they hadn't made it very far when they come upon an impossible barrier--The Red Sea. They had no way of continuing forward, and Pharoah's army was in hot pursuit behind, leaving them trapped.

This story from Exodus 14 in The Bible, was the inspiration behind Hannah Kerr's latest song "Split The Sea." She says, "It was in that moment they knew they couldn't go back. They had to move forward, but it would be impossible to do so unless God intervened." She says she was struck by the faith Moses had to trust God that he would provide a way.

Hannah says she hopes this song will encourage those who "feel stuck and in need of God's power," and she continues, "But we can choose to surrender knowing God is the God of miracles."

We're looking forward to Hannah sharing this song right on the beach in North Beach, MD this Friday, July 12 at 7pm following our Ice Cream Tour! Learn more >>