Back to School Resource Guide

Summer vacation is winding down and for many that means it's Back to School! If you're a parent, you've got a lot on your plate as the new school year begins. Which is exactly why we'd like to help. Here, we hope you'll discover some simple tools to help your family transition successfully into the new school year, and remind you of what's most important. Check out some of the articles from our hosts blogs, and even some fun print-outs: lunchbox notes and even a certificate for your child's teacher. We hope you enjoy these and share these with others!

Download these fun print-outs:


Prepare for the new school year with some advice from our hosts and experts:

back to school

Ensure a successful school year

Tom Miner talks with Dr. Jack Smith, superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, to help you transition smoothly into a new school year.​ Read more >>

kid with glasses

Courage for kids going back to school

Stacey Stone from 'Afternoons with Johnny & Stacey' joins Becky from Middays to share some ways to build up our kids and chase away the butterflies. Read more >>

Starting the school year safe

From bus stops to crosswalks, there are many places to be on alert for more kids as the school year begins. WGTS Correspondent Tom Miner shares some safety tips and ways to ensure a smooth start. Read more >>

Preparing your kids (and yourself) for the school year

Don't get sucked into spending all of your time and energy preparing your child's backpack for the new school year. Instead, spend the majority of your effort on intentionally preparing your child's heart for 2019-2020. See how Blanca from the morning show is preparing for another school year. Read more>>

What to do when you get rejected

At some point, your child won't be invited to a friend's party, or don't make the team. So how do we deal with the pain of rejection? Becky from Middays shares some advice from Lysa TerKeurst to help our kids deal and heal. Read More >>

Homework hassles

Homework. If it stresses you out more than your kids, Becky from Middays is right there with you! As your kids start a new school year, she shares how to handle the stress to help carry you through. Read More >>