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By: Brennan


In connection with a major nation-wide restructuring of the television broadcast band, the Federal Communications Commission has authorized television stations in the Washington area, including WETA-TV, to adjust their transmissions. This will require technicians to climb the WETA-TV tower to perform work on the television antenna. WGTS 91.9 normally broadcasts its signal from the WETA-TV tower. For the safety of workers on the tower, we will temporarily move our broadcast signal to originate from our auxiliary transmitter in Takoma Park starting June 22. The goal is for the work to be completed in 1-2 weeks.

Depending on where you listen to WGTS 91.9, this temporary move may affect your reception of our signal. To see if your area is affected, please check our coverage maps at WGTS919.com. When the television work has been completed, we will return to the WETA-TV tower, and broadcast with our normal power and coverage area.


WGTS 91.9's Contour Map (Main & Auxiliary sites)

The contours on the map show the area where the FCC will protect the signal from outside interference. These are not hard lines, but meant to show points on the map where the signal gets weaker the further away from the transmitter site you are.

  • Red Contour: WGTS 91.9's main station signal in Arlington. Within this area, you should be able to receive the radio station on almost any radio with moderately good to very good reception.
  • Blue Contour: WGTS 91.9's auxiliary signal in Takoma Park. Cities outside of this contour may experience either a weaker signal or no signal at all on inexpensive radios or radios with poor antennas.


If your listening area is affected, here are a few ways you can still listen:

Online streaming

WGTS 91.9 app (Apple devices)

WGTS 91.9 app (Android devices)

Alexa-enabled smart devices    Easy in two steps. Just say "Alexa, enable the WGTS skill." Then, ask your device to "Play WGTS"

  Learn how to set an alarm to wake up to WGTS