Domestic Violence March and Vigil

04:00 PM - 08:00 PM


The Domestic Violence Rally and FFT Helping Others will be hosting our annual 2020 Rally and Vigil once again. We will be having victims and leaders come from all across our nation to tell their stories and be influencers and create change for Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, and child abuse. Help us be a VOICE OF FREEDOM, A VOICE OF CHANGE, A VOICE OF HEALING, A VOICE OF RECONCILIATION, and FOR HOPE for the broken and in need back to the Father. Help our nation heal and help us change laws that need to protect families who are going through issues of violence, abuse, and trafficking. DAY 1- FREE VIGIL and RALLY at the Washington Capitol, NO CHARGE!! Day 2- Volunteers, victims and Directors will be speaking to Representatives and Senators about VAWA Act and the need for change in States and Federal reform for Domestic Violence Victims and Assistance. We will meet by the steps of the Library of Congress before going into meetings. NO CHARGE, FREE! 3 Day- is $45 banquet hall for dinner and 1 drawing ticket until September 15 after that it will increase to $75 dollars. Please note we only have a certain amount of seats for volunteers, and you must fill out a volunteer form to be considered for banquet and talks with senators and representatives. Fill out the volunteer form at Help us be the Voice that Creates Change and Influences Justice. Help us show the Love of Christ.