F.U.E.L. Orange Day

06:00 AM - 10:00 PM


FUEL EMPOWERMENT Event: Which is known to be held on the 2nd Saturday in October at St. John United Methodist Church (Lusby, MD) that speaks on the 4 elements of FUEL. Spiritual Relationship, Alcohol Reduction and substance abuse, education opportunities and positive leadership skills. Our speaker would normally be community members, government and police agencies, pastors and public health officials. This Fall 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic, FUEL will be canceled and focus on F.U.E.L. Orange Day, which will be done in your personal space. F.U.E.L. Orange Day will support Mental Health Awareness to help end suicide or homicide by gun violence in our community. The orange ribbons will help support F.U.E.L. Empowerment awareness. Also, anyone with a F.U.E.L. shirt can/should post a picture of themselves with the hashtag #FUEL_EMPOWER on the social media pages. Write to [email protected] for more information. To order a shirt please visit Follow our website and Our Facebook Page @GrayBrownArtsy or Christian Talk Magazine Facebook Page.