Redeem, Rebuild, Restore Conference

8:30AM - 3:00PM


Redeem Rebuild Restore is a one-day Christian conference for parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors and youth workers presented by House of Hope Maryland and National House of Hope.  The event takes place Saturday, April 21, $25/person until the day of the event; $30/person the day of and lunch is included. Topics include abuse, addictions, social media, fatherhood & family. Also including the following nationally recognized speakers:  
  • Major Baseball League legend, Darryl Strawberry and his wife speaking on addictions
  • Focus on the Family featured speaker, Dr. Joshua Straub speaking on Social Media and Millennials
  • The Relationship Doctor, Dr. Linda Mintle speaking on Abuse: Symptoms, Signs Recovery
  • Malachi Foundation founder, Brian Molitor speaking on Fatherhood and Rites of Passage