going deeper

Get to know Johnny & Stacey

By: Brennan

Scott & Sam, along with the entire WGTS 91.9 family invite you to help us welcome new friends, Johnny & Stacey Stone to afternoons. They've made friends and family in New York City and in Tuscon, Arizona and look forward to calling DC home.

Our current afternoon team, Scott & Sam, have been with WGTS since 2007 and are excited to continue their ministry, keeping you company during those late night/early mornings. Johnny & Stacey look forward to getting to know you on January 23rd during your afternoon commute.

In the meantime, here are a few little-known-things about them:


  • loves to read the comics old-style in the newspaper (once wanted to create one)
  • never met a pepper (except ghost) that he didn't love
  • will resurface any furniture Stacey finds on the roadside
  • enjoys watching football with his wife because she gets so worked up but rarely are they rooting for the same team
  • enjoys spending time with his mom and 7 siblings and their families (especially loves playing chess with his brothers) in West St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • loves the Lord of the Rings and read the books numerous times as a child (they were given to him by his dad, Charles, he passed away in 1992) he also has several action figures from the films
  • let’s his dog Ringo (Jack Russell Terrier) sleep under the covers (1st dog ever to do that)
  • eats jellied beef loaf like it is going out of style
  • served his country in the United States Air Force as a photographer
  • loves motorcycles, especially Indians, and hopes to own another one someday
  • watches American Pickers episodes over and over again
  • a great babysitter for our friend's kids including playing Chutes and Ladders
  • is the spiritual leader of their home, including asking his wife, Stacey, each week if she would like to go to church with him (won second place at the church’s chili cookoff last year!)


    • loves a great thrift store and looking for a new favorite in DC
    • not ashamed to pick up the furniture on the curb and repurpose it for her family to use
    • Texas born and still proud of her home state but lived all across the country and loves America in the same way now - on that same note needs to find a great Tex-Mex restaurant to survive living here :-) 
    • has three degrees including an undergraduate in psychology, a Master's in Liberal Arts and a Master's in professional counseling (she would be a professional student if she could get away with it)
    • loves books, period. Current favorite authors are Kara Isaac, Sandra Byrd and Cynthia Ruchti.
    • married Johnny in Central Park at the Bethesda fountain surrounded by family and friends
    • authored her book The Rescued Breed: When Jesus Shows Up and Transforms Your Pack (has one rescued dog, Ringo, currently but open to others someday) God is currently writing the stories for her second book now
    • performed with Barry Manilow in high school show choir, song American Bandstand (saw him for the last time in May 2016 for their anniversary)
    • loves Fixer Upper and would love to redo a house someday (Johnny not so much)
    • her mother is her best friend and made her a church staff kid many, many years ago by serving as the executive assistant to the executive pastor at Fielder Church in Arlington, TX (yes, a few miles from AT&T stadium which was not there when she started)
    • lives and breathes the Dallas Cowboys and Dak and Zeke are her new heroes (but grew up on Roger Staubach and Tom Landry - Leadership is a matter of having people look at you and gain confidence, seeing how you react. If you're in control, they're in control.)
    • her parents were married for 34 years before divorcing, making her an adult child of divorce. She has one younger brother who cares for their Dad in TX.
    • while she and Johnny do not have children, they are surrounded by children they love including a new baby girl, Elsie Kate, born on Christmas Eve to Stacey's cousin Jake and his wife Bethany in Qatar. (yes, they are teaching English in that Middle Eastern country and we are ready for them to come home :-))

      All of these things fall after their love for Jesus Christ and keeping Him at the center of their marriage is the way that they keep it strong. That and a really good sense of humor on both of their parts.