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A cure for "Stinkin' Thinkin''

Have you ever experienced a God moment? Something unexplainable that the only reasonable explanation is that God played a part? 

We received this amazing story from Maritza the other day of her God moment in the drive-thru:

I've been dealing with self-doubt, unworthiness, and beating myself up for things I have done and could have done differently. Things I've done in the distant past as well as recently. Needless to say I was doing a lot of stinkin' thinkin'. I was paying attention to the enemy's lies about me not being worthy of God's grace.

On my way back home, after dropping my grand daughter off at school, I pulled into the Berryville McDonalds to get some oatmeal and coffee. I was listening to WGTS and they were encouraging people to do the Drive-thru Difference. That reminded me I had a Drive-thru Difference card in my purse, but I hesitated to do it because I was in my head. I started making up excuses for not going through with it. "If it's a guy I'm not going to do it; I don't want him thinking I'm flirting with him", I thought. Lo and behold God's sends a young lady to pull up behind me. I prayed for God to bless her, He knew what she was going through, so I was hoping to be a blessing to her.
I placed my order, and pulled up to the cashier to pay for my order and also let her know I wanted to pay for the person behind me. I handed her the Drive-Thru difference card and asked her to give it to the young lady when she pulled up to pay for her order. As I pulled up to get my order, I glanced in the rearview mirror to see if I could get her reaction...she seemed a bit confused :-)
As I'm listening to WGTS, Jerry and Blanca say they have a caller from Berryville, VA. Her name was Kristen (I think), and she was calling to let people know she had been the recipient of the Drive-Thru Difference experience. The caller said she didn't usually go to McDonalds, but she had her little son with her and wanted to treat him. Blanca asked her if she was able to thank the person in front of her, and she said, "The lady drove away too fast for me to be able to thank her. She is driving towards Winchester, and she is way ahead of me on the road. And I just wanted to let her know that I thought my day was not going to be a good one, due to some things going on in my life. I know now God will be with me, and she made my day with that reminder."
It doesn't end there....The next song that came up after her call was "God's Not Done with You" by Torren Wells. I started balling because I sincerely believe God orchestrated everything to remind me He hasn't given up on me, and He's still working on me, and I should accept His grace, and I should forgive myself, just as He has forgiven me. Needless to say, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder, and the negativity is gone. It has been replaced with freedom to enjoy God's grace and forgiveness.
Thank you for all you do WGTS!! You guys are like family to me and I just wanted to share this amazing experience with you!