The WGTS 1-Minute Devotional is a short positive thought from the artists we play to help keep your eyes and mind focused on God and His promises.

1-Minute Devotional: Lauren Daigle

You may be praying for a health situation, or finances...whatever it is, it can be difficult to wait for God's answer to those prayers. If you are struggling in "the waiting," Lauren Daigle offers a beautiful reminder about God's timing and faithfulness using the Biblical story of Gideon. 

1-Minute Devotional: Steven Curtis Chapman

God made us for relationship and to encourage one another. Steven Curtis Chapman shares what's behind his latest song "Don't Lose Heart."

1-Minute Devotional: Josh Havens from The Afters

Josh Havens of The Afters shares this 1-Minute Devotional that you are not defined by the mistakes you have made. You are a child of God, and he is the one who tells you who you are.

1-Minute Devotional: Logan from CAIN

Logan Cain (from the group CAIN) says he "only occasionally" got in trouble in school. And there's a lesson he learned that has helped him write God's Word on his heart.

1-Minute Devotional: Ryan Ellis

Ryan Ellis (Heart of the Father) shares what our Father's heart looks like, and why it should bring us incredible joy no matter what we are facing.

1-Minute Devotional: Joel Houston (Hillsong United)

It's easy to think that it's up to those who "have it all together" to be the foundation the Church is built upon. Joel Houston of Hillsong United shares this short devotional message to remind you of who Jesus called to share the gospel message...and it was everyday people like you and me.


1-Minute Devotional: Colton Dixon

If you've ever lost a job, or maybe just having difficulty finding your place, it's easy to allow yourself to go to a dark place in your mind and feel completely useless. Colton Dixon shares his experience with getting dropped by his label and not knowing what his next step was going to be. He offers the advice his wife gave him, and what you can do in those moments when you feel in need of a miracle.

Speaking of MIRACLES....

Colton Dixon recently announced he and his wife were expecting their first child. Turns out, they're going to be doubly-blessed! Check out the sonogram:

colton dixon and annie sonogram

1-Minute Devotional: Hannah Kerr

We all go through seasons where it can feel like you're alone. And change--whether it's moving to a new place, a new job, or school, can cause you to feel this way. Singer Hannah Kerr shares a time when she felt this way and what brought her strength and comfort.


1-Minute Devotional: Micah Tyler

A new year offers an opportunity to start new. But if we're being honest, we bring a lot of the same problems into this year. Maybe you're having difficulty forgiving yourself for mistakes you can't seem to shake. 

Award-winning artist, Micah Tyler, shares encouragement as you set goals for yourself and how to let God use you--in spite of those issues. In his hit song "Never Been A Moment" he states it like this:

There's been some pain Been some regret Been some moments I'll never forget But when I look back From where I'm standing now

There's never been a moment I was not held inside your arms And there's never been a day when you were not who you say you are Yours forever, it don't matter What I'm walking through 'Cause no matter where I'm going There's never been a moment that I was not loved by you Loved by you Loved by you


1-Minute Devotional: Only Jesus

For Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, singing was the way he shared his faith. But at the end of 2018, he lost his ability to sing, and was forced to go on vocal rest for an entire month. It was during this difficult moment that Jesus drew close to Mark, and Mark discovered his ability to draw Jesus.