The WGTS 1-Minute Devotional is a short positive thought from the artists we play to help keep your eyes and mind focused on God and His promises.

Ten times better

God has big plans for your life--but are you up for the challenge in order for God to use you to your full potential? If you've ever thought that God could never use "little old me" Chaplain of the United States Senate Barry Black has some encouragement for you--and a challenge in this one-minute devotional thought. Using the Biblical prophet Daniel as an example, he lays out three ways you can be 10 times better.

Never lose sight

Chris Tomlin shares that worship is more about seeing (having your eyes opened) than it is about singing, and learning to never lose sight of God in the midst of everything life throws your way.

The battle is not yours

His brother was addicted to meth for 10 years and lost everything of meaning in his life. Josh Havens of The Afters shares a story of a king thousands of years ago to encourage anyone who has ever felt they are too far gone from God's love and grace that there is always a way around.