People are impacted every day by what God is doing through WGTS 91.9, and we thought we’d share a few of the stories we hear each day with you.

The Story Project - Michelle (Miss DC World)

It seemed like it was one thing after another for Michelle. Her mother and close family member had been diagnosed with cancer, and then she learned her father was diagnosed. Besides that, she was in a bind financially and her car was about to be repossessed. It was at this point she felt like she had hit rock bottom. So she began driving aimlessly around (she figured they couldn't take her car if she was driving it) and while praying to God, decided to flip on the radio. Watch the rest of her story to see how God used WGTS and the music to reach Michelle at her lowest point to give her the courage to press forward.

The Story Project - Michelle

She felt called to be a mother, but Michelle waited 20 years and endured a number of miscarriages. In the midst of it all, she discovered a way to remain encouraged and hopeful. Find out what God was up to the whole time.


The Story Project - Sharon

Sharon almost lost her home that had been in her family for over 100 years. In the midst of all the legal battles and uncertainties, she learned to trust in God more and praise him through the difficulties.

The Story Project - Suze

Suze never thought that Christian music would be something she and her kids would ever listen to. Yet after going through a painful divorce and trying to keep it all together, she discovered something she really needed.

The Story Project - Esther

Esther discovered WGTS 91.9 because of a bumper sticker she saw on a car. The first song she heard spoke to her heart, and she shares what the station has meant to her since she moved to this area.

The Story Project - Omy

​As a military family, they had just moved to the area and were still unpacking. But Omy's daughters taught her that sometimes all it takes is marshmallow pops, and a generous heart to find your place and your purpose.

The Story Project - Dawn

Dawn had been struggling to find her place; her work situation wasn’t working out and she and her husband hadn’t been able to have children. Then a song came on the radio with a message she needed to hear.

The Story Project - Betty

Betty said she felt betrayed by God, and hopeless after each of her pregnancies ended with a miscarriage. But she found comfort and a different perspective when a song came on the radio.

The Story Project - Luis

Luis was on his way out the door to see his attorney about filing for divorce. But one song altered his course.

The Story Project - Joe

Joe struggled with addiction for many years. He shares how WGTS has encouraged him in his journey to remaining sober, and how it's allowed him to share his faith with co-workers and others around him.