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Health Minute: Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

By: Claude

As the weather warms up, many of us are ready to get outside and get moving. Dr. Trey Godwin with Adventist HealthCare shares some benefits to exercising outside and some fun, easy workouts.

What are the benefits to exercising outdoors?

Exercising comes with a lot of benefits, but taking your workout outdoors can be beneficial both physically and mentally. Some benefits include:

● Relieving stress. Exercise naturally releases feel-good chemicals in your brain to relieve stress. Being outdoors can help lower blood pressure and the sunlight increases vitamin D intake, which can also boost your mood.

● More challenging workouts. The distractions of your surroundings can take your mind off the workout. The environment will make you burn more calories and work out for longer than if you were indoors.

● Better air quality. Indoor air may be more polluted than outdoor air, even in large metropolitan areas. By exercising outdoors you have access to breathing cleaner, fresher air.

● Save money. Exercising outdoors is accessible to everyone. There are plenty of parks and trails available. No memberships, crowded locker rooms or waiting to use a machine or equipment.


What are some exercises we can do outside?

Hiking, running, biking or playing a sport are all great outdoor exercises. Other exercises include:

● Reps on the Run. While running, use the scenery to get in some strength exercises too. You can do push-ups when you pass a bench or keep a resistance band to wrap around a pole.

● Field day. Get the whole family involved with a mix of exercise stations. Mark each destination using a water bottle or backpack and do drills such as carioca, football drills, basketball jumps or soccer juggles.

● Playing ball. A basketball, football, volleyball or soccer ball can also be used for medicine ball exercises.

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