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Health Minute: Don’t Delay Your Care, Seek Primary Care

By: Claude

Did you know young adults are more likely to lack a primary care provider? A study showed that in 2015 at least 25 percent of Americans did not have a primary care provider and that number continues to grow. Dr. Ogehci Anyaoku with Adventist HealthCare talks on the importance of having a go-to physician.

Why have people stopped going to their primary physician?

Adults in their 30s and 40s are more likely than older adults to lack a primary care doctor. Given the convenience of walk-in clinics and emergency rooms or seeing a specialist, many people question the importance of having a primary care doctor.

Why is it important to have a primary physician?

Adults who have a primary care doctor have lower odds of premature death than those who only see a specialist. It’s important to not delay your care or concerns for your health. Primary care doctors establish a relationship with you to help you with everyday health concerns and living a healthy lifestyle. Having primary care provider can help:

· Catch potential health problems early. Your primary care doctor can help detect illnesses before they become severe with regular annual check-ups and help manage long-term health problems.

· Make sure your vaccines are up to date to prevent illnesses like the flu.

· Save on healthcare costs. People can save on average 33 percent on healthcare costs with a primary care doctor rather than going to the emergency room.

· Teach you ways to make better decisions for your health. Your primary care doctor can guide efforts to eat more nutritious, manage stress, quit smoking and more.

How do we find and choose a primary care doctor?

Choosing the right primary care doctor for you can often feel like an interview. It’s important to find a doctor that is a good fit for your personality, lifestyle and needs. Make a list of your personal health goals or concerns and any question you may have for them, such as their:

· Certifications or qualifications

· Preference on communication (in person, phone, email, telehealth, etc.)

· Focus on disease prevention or treatment

· Office hours, lab testing, response time, etc.

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