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Health Minute: How to Deal with Job Burnout

By: Claude

You can only handle being overworked for so long before becoming emotionally and physically burned out. Unfortunately, job burnout has become more common over the years. Learn how to notice the signs of burnout and how you can get back to feeling better.

Job burnout is more than just being stressed and tired at work. It’s a combination of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that occurs when you’re exposed to prolonged stress. You may be faced with more work and less time to do it. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced this over the past two years during the pandemic.

The signs of burnout are different for everyone. The most common include:

- Feeling negative a lot of the time

- Losing focus

- Extreme exhaustion

- Starting to see a change in your sleep habits

- Noticing yourself becoming more cynical

Additionally, you may lose the ability to want to learn or grow in your job, and new opportunities don’t excite you anymore. Another sign is if you’re showing up to personal commitments physically, but you’re not present emotionally.

If you’re exposed to job burnout for a long time, it can affect you both physically and mentally. Not only will you notice a change in your sleeping or eating habits, but your work and personal relationships can suffer as well. Because of the extreme exhaustion, you may be too depleted to give your all at work and in return, at home.

Luckily, job burnout is fixable. It starts by recognizing your burnout and doing a self-inventory. Ask yourself – are you depleted or tired? Are you starting to not care as much about the things that used to matter to you? If so, it’s time to seek help. Check with your workplace to see if there are employee assistance programs available to you. If not, go through your health insurance to find a counselor to work with.

Sometimes, taking a day or a long weekend off from work can be beneficial. When you do this, be sure to disconnect completely and engage in activities that lift you up.

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