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Health Minute: Men's Health Month

By: Claude

June is Men’s Health Month! T. Newsome, MD, primary care physician with Adventist HealthCare Adventist Medical Group, reminds men of the necessary screenings they should be receiving, as well as general tips to keep them healthy.

What should men be on the lookout for, especially this summer when they’re outside?

Don’t forget about skin cancer! It’s one of the deadliest cancers. While everyone is at risk, if you are over 50 and are Caucasian, you’re at an increased risk.

Check your skin and look for:

o New or unusual moles

o Changes to existing moles

o Changes in color or texture of skin

Stay protected this summer by:

o Seeking shade

o Cover body with protective clothing

o Cover exposed skin with SPF 30 or more

o Reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours

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