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Health Minute: Healthy Goal Setting in the New Year

By: Claude

Why should I set goals in the new year?

Setting goals can encourage you to make a positive lifestyle change. Making resolutions can be a great way to set your intentions for the new year, and possibly change the rest of your life if you stick with your goal! Now is a better time than ever to get rid of bad habits or finally work towards a healthy goal. The new year encourages change and breaking old habits.

What are healthy new year’s goals to set?

To get an idea of the healthy new year’s goal you would like to set for yourself, recognize your life patterns and habits. Ask yourself: What would help improve your quality of life and your health? Common health goals include:

· Drinking more water

· Eating more fruits and vegetables

· Losing weight

· Working out more consistently

· Get more sleep

· Sit less, move more

How do I stick with my new year’s goals?

Once you start reaching your new year’s goal, don’t stop! Follow these tips to set yourself up for success and make your new goal stick:

· Set a specific goal.

o Avoid setting general goals such as "lose weight" and get more specific with "lose five pounds." This helps measure where you are in the process!

· Start with small steps.

o Instead of jumping into your goal, gradually work up to it. Making too much of a change overnight may make your goal harder to stick with. Try gradually adding your goal to your routine for the most natural transition.

· Stay consistent.

o Consistency is key when getting rid of old habits. Make a routine for yourself and stick with it every day, and before you know it your goal will be a part of your daily life.

· Stay encouraged!

o Remind yourself the reason why you set a new health goal, and celebrate small victories! Remember to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

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