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April 6: Are You Ready to Spring Into Fitness? with Rose Melendez

By: NNuser

Many of us are ready to enjoy the spring weather, but is your heart ready to spring into fitness? Warm weather is usually accompanied by a spike in outdoor physical activities like hiking, bike riding, and group sports. Before jumping back into your office’s intramural softball league, make sure your heart is ready.The occasional game of pick-up basketball with the kids is a fun way to get active, but it’s regular exercise that keeps our hearts are healthy. Regular exercise increases the amount and rate of blood that our heart pumps through our body, which improves circulation and helps our organs work more efficiently.

How much exercise does your heart need?

  • 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity weekly like walking briskly, cycling at a moderate speed, water aerobics, or household activities.
  • Alternatively, 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic activity like jogging/running, swimming laps, singles tennis, or playing basketball.
  • At least two days per week of strength training that targets all of the major muscle groups: chest, back, arms, legs, abdominals, and shoulders. This might include using weights, resistance bands, kettle bells, or medicine balls.

If you’re just starting out, consider breaking up your exercise routine into manageable amounts. For example, take a walk or jog for 15 minutes twice daily for five days. This will help ensure your heart is ready for your next softball game or class field trip!

Learn if your heart is ready to spring into fitness with a free online heart risk assessment at www.TrustedHeartCare.com.