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Back-to-School Germs

By: Spencer
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Our pencils are sharpened and yellow school buses are back on the road. That’s right – it’s back to school time. Unfortunately, that also means that school-aged children get sick more often.


But just how often is it normal for kids to get sick during the school year? It’s completely normal, especially for young children, to get the sniffles a few times a year as their immune systems develop.

  • Younger children get an average about five to eight colds per year
  • Teenagers get about four colds per year


Children generally get sick more often for a few key reasons:

  • They’re immune systems are less mature and are constantly being exposed to new germs
  • Children are in close contact with one another at school and daycare
  • Kids, especially young ones, have germy habits like putting their hands in their mouths or forgetting to cover their mouths when they sneeze


Help keep your kids healthy this school year with these simple tips.

  • Get your child vaccinated
  • Teach proper hand-washing (about 20 seconds in warm, soapy water)
  • Provide hand sanitizer
  • Teach your child germ etiquette like covering their mouths when coughing or sneezing
  • Set a bedtime that allows for adequate sleep
  • Encourage exercise and healthy eating


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