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Back to school shots

By: Spencer
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If you’re sending your kids back to school this week, you know it’s that time of year to make sure your kids are properly vaccinated. State health departments require children to receive certain vaccinations prior to the school year.

These vaccinations help keep your kid safe and healthy. Requirements vary depending on age and may include immunization from illnesses like measles, polio, tetanus and mumps.

The best ways to ensure your kids are properly vaccinated are to consult your pediatrician and the state health department website, in our case, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

In general, there are two sets of immunizations recommended for school-aged children. The first set should be administered at age 4 to 6, and the second at 11 or 12. Additionally, the flu vaccine is recommended annually for all children older than six months.

Denying or delaying your child’s vaccinations poses a serious health risk not only to the child but also to the entire student population. Higher vaccination rates provide a broader protection to the community at large and lower the chance of disease outbreaks. 

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