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Health Tip: Diabetes

November is American Diabetes Month. More than 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes. Even more worrisome is one in four don’t even know they have it. Diabetes is characterized by high levels of sugar, or glucose, in the bloodstream. The most common form is tied to obesity, and the number of people with diabetes has increased with the rise in obesity. People with diabetes are at an increased risk of serious health complications, including blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputation of toes, feet or legs, and premature death. Prevention efforts nationwide are crucial to combat serious health risks. Nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and other lifestyle factors play a crucial role in diabetes prevention and management.The good news is that if you’re diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, you don’t have to handle it alone. Adventist HealthCare’s Diabetes Education Program provides comprehensive education and training by Certified Diabetes Educators to help people learn and manage all aspects of diabetes care and prevent complications. Visit