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Keeping your family safe on vacation

By: Claude

Keeping Your Family Safe on Vacation - Dr. Nasir

While going away on vacation may look different this year, with the proper precautions, you can still have a good time while staying safe. Even if you’re having a staycation, taking steps to stay healthy is important. Amra Nasir, MD, a physician with Adventist HealthCare Urgent Care, recommends the following tips for a healthy vacation away or at home:


What are some ways we can stay safe and healthy while on vacation?

●     Check your destinations, even those close to home, to make sure you know about openings/closures, safety measures, etc.

●     Have safety essentials on hand such as masks, hand sanitizer, wipes and sunscreen.

●     Keep social distance from others.

●     If driving a long distance, stop at the bathroom before you leave and pack snacks to limit stops.

●     Use telehealth if you need it.

●     Stay home if you feel sick.

●     Frequently wash your hands.

What are some low risk activities and what is considered high risk activities?


Low Risk:

●     Camping in the backcountry with your family.

●     Renting a vacation home for your family or inner circle.

●     Eating outside at a restaurant.


High Risk:

●     Visiting a theme park.

●     Attending an outdoor concert.

●     Going to an indoor bar.

●     Flying to another country.

●     Flying to another country that isn't on lockdown and has no quarantine measures for travelers.


When should we consider getting tested?


You may want to consider getting tested before you leave for vacation, in case you are an asymptomatic carrier, and when you return. You can also advise others who may be visiting you to get tested as well.