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Pack a healthy punch in your kids’ lunch

The beginning of the school year can bring a flurry of activity, among them, the daily task of packing school lunches for your little ones.

Instead of viewing this daily activity as a chore, you can try using it as an opportunity to teach your kids about good nutrition!

Parents can have a big impact on their child’s diet and their overall health throughout their lifetime. Packing a healthy lunch for your child is important for a number of reasons.

·         Parents set the example. Kids often learn their eating behaviors from their parents

·         Kids need energy. Packing healthy food gives your child the energy and nutrients they need to succeed

·         A healthy weight reduces disease risk. Establishing healthy eating habits at a young age helps your child manage their body weight throughout their lives, which reduces their likelihood of heart disease and diabetes

A healthy lunch includes:

·         At least one serving of fruit

·         At least one serving of vegetables

·         Lean protein like turkey

·         Healthy grains like whole wheat bread

·         Water or milk

For a healthy lunch, you should avoid:

·         Sugary drinks like juice, sports drinks or soda

·         Packaged/processed foods

·         Foods high in sugar, sodium and fat

A healthy diet is just one way to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes. Take our fast, FREE diabetes health risk assessment to find out if you’re at risk and how can take action to prevent diabetes.

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