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Pack your kids’ lunch with nutrients

As many busy parents know, it can be tough to pack a healthy, nutritious lunch for kids, especially picky eaters.

Getting your kid involved is a great way to pack a healthy lunch that they’ll actually eat.

·         Set a designated meal-planning time, like Sunday afternoon, when kids can help plan and prepare lunches with you.

·         Give kids healthy options. For example, ask your child, “Would you prefer an apple or a banana?” Making your child feel like they had a say in their lunch helps ensure they’ll enjoy it.

·         Pack foods high in protein and fiber like turkey, cheese and peanut butter. Combine it with whole-grain bread for a nutritious, kid-friendly sandwich that will keep your kid fueled up.

·         Go for lots of fruits and vegetables instead of processed snacks like chips.

·         Try Greek yogurt or fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Some kids just like to snack. Here are some healthy ideas for your snacker.

·         Fresh fruit like apples, berries, pears, grapes, melon balls, bananas or oranges

·         Low-fat string cheese

·         One ounce of unsalted nuts

·         Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisons on top

·         Fresh veggies with low-fat dressing or hummus

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