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Set healthy boundaries for teens on social media

By: Spencer
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Social media is a great way to connect with friends and learn about new experiences. However, research suggests that spending more than one to two hours on social media can lead to isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Parents play an important role in setting boundaries so their children and teens develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

  • Model good behavior. Your child is always watching – even when you don’t want them to be. Show that you can put your phone away and focus on the people who are in front of you.

  • Check in with your child. Honest and open communication goes a long way in helping children and teens thrive as they grow – and gives them a solid foundation to wade through the noise of social media.

Teens should not be on social media and technology for more than two hours a day – excluding the time spent on tech for schoolwork. Try a few tips to help ease the push back from teens.

  • Establish no phone times. That may include during dinner or right after school.

  • Try a tech-free day where the whole family hangs up the phone and tablets for an entire day of screen-free activities.

  • Take technology out of the bedroom. Research shows that technology disrupts sleep, which takes a toll a child’s mental health.

If you’re concerned about your teen’s social media use or believe they are exhibiting signs of anxiety, depression or loneliness, reach out to the mental health experts at Adventist HealthCare.

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