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Tips to avoid dry skin

By: Spencer
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Has winter left you scratching at dry skin? It’s not just you! It’s completely normal to experience dry skin in the winter due to lower humidity levels outdoors and dry heating indoors. All of these factors remove the natural moisture from your skin.


During the winter, try these tips to adjust your skin care regimen and protect your skin.

·         Try a thicker moisturizer, free of alcohol or added fragrances

·         Limit your bath or shower time and use warm, rather than hot, water

·         Moisturize directly after your shower or bath

·         Exfoliate no more than twice per week


You might think that drinking water is only important during the hot summer months, but staying hydrated actually helps to regulate your body temperature and keeps your skin healthy.


Try these tips to stay hydrated during the winter:

·         Drink hot beverages if you’re too chilly for a cold drink

·         Carry a water bottle or thermos of hot tea

·         Use a humidifier


If you notice itching, redness or an unusual rash that does not resolve within a couple of days of extra moisture, see your doctor.


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