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Why annual wellness exams matter

By: Spencer
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Why Annual Wellness Exams Matter 

An annual wellness exam is an important part of keeping you in good health. This yearly appointment offers you the opportunity to connect with your provider to discuss any health concerns or changes you have.

Your provider will get a clear picture of your health with a physical exam that checks your

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Blood pressure

  • Heart rate

  • Respiration rate

  • Pulse

Based on your age, gender and risk factors (including your medical history and family history), your provider may also order

  • Blood panel to check blood sugar levels, cholesterol and more. Results can help you and your doctor create a plan to help you reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, anemia and more.

  • Cancer screenings which are a proven tool in detecting cancer in its earlier stages, when it’s easier to treat. Screenings depend on your age and gender, and may include

    • Pelvic exams and pap smears (women)

    • Breast exams and mammograms (women)

    • Prostate exams (men)

    • Colorectal cancer screenings (men and women)

Keep your annual appointment top of mind

  • Schedule your appointment during the same time of year, like around your birthday or at the start of each school year, so it’s easier to remember.

  • Treat yourself after your appointment to a sweet (yet healthy!) dessert, new book or time to yourself.

Is your annual wellness exam scheduled? Make an appointment with one of the skilled, compassionate primary care physicians at Adventist Medical Group.


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