Launching Hope

Hope is still needed. Christian radio was created for times like this – to help an entire city remember that God keeps us close to his heart even in the most difficult times. As a result of the pandemic, WGTS 91.9 did not reach its funding need during the Spring Fundraiser in May. We are so grateful to those who gave, but there is work yet to be done to reach 100% of the funding need.

That's why we're coming back for 39 Hours of Hope from July 21-23 in order to make sure that WGTS can continue to bring hope to the medical professional after a long shift, or the mom who can't sleep in the middle of the night, a furloughed employee, and countless others who depend on WGTS for comfort and an encouraging word or song.

Many powerful stories have been shared recently that go to show just how important this media ministry is throughout the D.C. region. I love what our friend, Derek, shared:

With all the negative news, we all need to hear good things. What's better than hearing about the best thing that ever happened to us anytime we turn on the radio? Thank you so much to everyone at the station, you have been a beacon in the darkness. - Derek

If God is calling you to stand with WGTS 91.9 today in a bold, new way, please know we are grateful for your partnership and generous support! You're needed more than ever.

The world looks different now…but that’s when hope shines the brightest.


– Kevin Krueger, WGTS General Manager/President

Peace in the midst of uncertainty

"I love taking walks as I listen to you. I am comforted, inspired and feel the Lord's presence with me. I want others to experience the same peace I have received through Jesus as he uses your station to share his love." —Deb