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How do you get motivated on the really tough days?

By: Becky
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What do you tell yourself on the really tough days?  You know those days when it's hard to get out of bed and face the stuff that's ahead.  I have to admit sometimes traffic alone makes me want to just turn around and go back home and crawl into my bed. That's even before I get to work to face all the stuff waiting for me at the office!  Add onto that the homework fiasco from the night before, laundry, the spat you had with your spouse on the way out the door, the 'service' light that lit up on your dashboard.  The pile of 'to do's' and expectations seem unbearable some days. 

Now, take all of that and imagine you were facing a painful degenerative disease called Sacral Agenesis which prevents fetal development of certain parts of the spine.  That's what Gold Medal Wheelchair Racer Kurt Fearnley has faced his whole life.  He recently won a Silver Medal in the Paralympics (he's won several medals over his career), and he has some words of wisdom for any of us who face pain (of any sort) in our lives.  Check out this clip - it's only 53 seconds, and it's powerful.