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I'll have a #2 meal with a side of tears, please

By: Becky
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Ashley's story made me reach for the tissue box in the studio today.  She called to share her Drive Thru Difference experience - she had paid for gas and snacks of the two men in front of her in line at the gas station. 

One of the men was fully dressed in his military uniform; his friend was an amputee.  Her heart overflowed with emotion when she saw them.  She felt a deep gratitude for those who sacrifice so much to serve our country and fight for our freedoms.  

She said she was honored to have the opportunity to pay for their bill and let them know she appreciated their service.  They were surprised and grateful, but the man in the wheelchair especially was moved - he grasped her hand and gave her a warm handshake as tears filled his eyes.  That little acknowledgement meant so much to him that day.       

What a beautiful moment - right there in the middle of a gas station during rush hour.

You may hear us talk about the Drive Thru Difference - it's sharing acts of kindness all over DC.  One easy way to get involved is to pay for someone's meal at the drive thru.  If you'd like to try it, you can learn more here.