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A light in the darkness

By: Becky
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Americans, especially Cuban Americans have expressed many emotions since news broke of the death of Fidel Castro. A local Cuban born pastor shares why the news is especially personal to his family. Pastor Jose Cortes, Jr. has been a friend of the family for years and I didn't know many of the details of his family's story until recently. His father was a minister, and in the 1970's arrested for his faith. Jose joined the show this week to share their experience of oppression to freedom, and what he hopes his children and future generations will always remember. His ability to find something positive through the trials they faced amazed me. I think his attitude will surprise you too!

Pastor Jose Cortes, Jr. joined Middays with Becky to share his family's experience of oppression, freedom and hope. He is pictured with is wife and two sons as they gathered with other Cuban Americans the weekend Castro's death was announced. He shared some of his thoughts on social media: 

Woke up to the news of the death of a dictator, whose legacy will be marked by abuse, tyranny, captivity, thievery, murder, misery, and total failure.

I do not celebrate death, it is the harshest result of sin and perhaps the cruelest enemy of humanity. As a Christian, I always pray for forgiveness, repentance, and salvation, fully aware that it could enable even the most despicable earthly human being to live next door to my family in the new earth, yet that's what the grace of Jesus, that I passionately believe and preach, is all about.

I pray this event will be a positive step in the restoration of the most basic human rights, liberty, freedom, dignity, happiness, and vibrancy of an oppressed beloved nation and its beautiful suffering people 


You can hear the interview here:

Pastor Jose Cortes, Jr. is the Associate Ministerial Director, lead Evangelism/Church Planting for Adventist Denomination in North America. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter @JoseCortesJr