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Love your neighbor - it's alive and well

By: Becky
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When Michelle Fadel's neighbors heard she may not live long enough to see Christmas because of cancer, they got together to grant her one last wish - they decorated the town early!


Word spread quickly, the town is organizing an early parade, local businesses have come to set up lights for her, and of course, the story has gone viral!  Many people are wanting to help her out in any way possible.  They've affectionately started calling her the Christmas Lady.  So why does everyone love her so much?


Many say it's because she has a great attitude.  She’s easy to love. Her faith is strong, and she lets her light shine. In a world that sometimes doesn't seem to offer us much hope, Michelle is overflowing with it!  She's full of joy as she says she'll beat this cancer one way or the other, "...either here on earth, or in heaven!"  ​She inspires many with her positive attitude. 


It's so easy for us to get so bogged down in hurt feelings and pain that we miss out on a lot of beauty that surrounds us.  We get stuck in our own little pit of sorrow.  And, even worse, sometimes we lash out at others because we want them to understand our pain.  Don't get me wrong, Michelle is just like the rest of us in realizing that life is unfair, and she is sad that her grandchildren won't have a grandma to grow up with, but she doesn't dwell on that.  She clings to her hope.  And, having an attitude of joy is infectious.  It's powerful.  It's a reminder for me to look for the good in this day that I have to live.  


Maybe it’s time we put our hurt to work for us, like Michelle.  Let’s cast all of our cares on the Lord.  Let's focus on the hope that we have, the joy that lies ahead.  Whatever is getting you down today, let's keep in mind that it’s only temporary:  "Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later."  Romans 8:18 (NLT)


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