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When you feel your teen starting to drift away

By: Becky
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Maybe at this very moment you're feeling it - like the ship has begun taking on water and is starting to sink?! You put a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself to hold it all together. It's a delicate juggling act of homework, sports and church, career, home life, health, etc. It's overwhelming and when things start getting out of balance it's easy to go into panic mode (for me at least). My kids, who are now both teenagers like to try and keep me from completely 'freaking out' by reminding me how irrational I'm sounding. 

In the chaos of life, sometimes I realize I need to do a 'relationship check' with my kids, as I understand I can be kind of difficult to be around when worry starts getting the best of me. Maybe you've felt that pressure too. So, I'm on an endless quest of trying to  bite-sized bits of wisdom to help me keep from spinning completely out of control when life gets hairy.

​These pointers from Mark Merrill came my way just in time to help me. I hope they're helpful to you too. 

Here are 9 things to do when your teen is drifting away:

1. Treat them as a young man or young woman.2. Listen more.3. Bite your lip.4. Remind them you’re their biggest fan.5. Be vulnerable.6. Keep it short.7. Say “I was wrong, please forgive me.”8. Be available to your teen when they need or want you.9. Enter their world.

And, keep 1Peter 4:8 in mind: "Above all, love each other deeply..."

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