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When you hit rock bottom

By: Becky
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"If you shut down we all lose."  Those were just some of the inspiring words long time friend and NFL star Ray Lewis shared with Michael Phelps at his lowest point. He also gave him a copy of "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren and encouraged him to go into rehab. It was life changing. 

You may remember after the last Olympic games, Phelps had made some poor choices which left him embarrassed, and full of regret. You don't often think of an Olympic athlete with multiple gold medals using phrases to describe himself as a 'train wreck' or 'time bomb' without self-esteem or self worth. It's hard to imagine someone with his accomplishments could have felt lost. But he discovered that those accomplishments didn't define him, or give him the purpose he was seeking. 

He had hit rock bottom and contemplated ending it all, but watch him tell his story about how he found hope and became a changed man.