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By: Becky
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Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my mom and I reading funny stories to each other. We loved to laugh! If you're looking for a way to engage the family without electronics, maybe some good stories could be just the thing!

Storyteller and author James Standish joined the show recently to share some stories from his new book, "Disneyland's Back Door".

So, how does driving a bright yellow Lamborghini through the heart of Paris relate to your child's faith? Listen to the interview to find out. 

See more pictures from James's adventures at www.brownroadbooks.com   

Or, a little bit more about the author may answer some of your questions...

James D’Arcy Standish What do you want to know about James? That he left home when he was 13 and lived on the wild border between Thailand and Burma? Or would you prefer to talk about him driving a sleek yellow Lamborghini screaming through the heart of Paris? Maybe you just want to know about his pet monkey? Or would you prefer to know that James is a lawyer, who’s met with the President in the Oval Office and served as executive director of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom? Is that really what you want to know about? I didn’t think so! No, what you really want to know is why he left his boarding school in sunny Singapore to travel all the way to Michigan for his senior year of high school. Hint: it’s very embarrassing. And you want to know how all of that connects to the mysterious donut that came his way one curious day. It’s all in this book - the donut, the Lamborghini, the monkey and so, so much more! One last thing about James. Well, it can't be the last, because it's actually the first. James loves God. And that love? That changes everything. Read the book - you’ll see!

Check out more stories or to contact James D. Standish about a speaking engagement, email him: [email protected]