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Yosemite or bust!

By: Becky
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"You don't take a photograph, you make it."  That's what Ansel Adams said.  I'm not exactly sure what he meant by that, but I do know he spent a lot of time in Yosemite National Park taking some world famous pictures.  He's probably talking about the science behind Photography.  In my mind, after taking the family on a trek to Yosemite, it means something completely different.  It's a process to get a family picture in an iconic spot - a long, arduous process in some cases.  It's a photo that may never grace the halls of an art gallery, but it will go in the scrapbook (or at least in the 'cloud' until i actually get around to making a scrapbook), and it will debut on social media and may even garner a few likes from our true friends and loved ones. And for our family it will serve as a reminder of a few great memories, some not so great ones, and the sheer and utter determination of parents trying to provide an experience for their children.   

We've been able to make it to a few National Parks with the kids over the years, and hope to get a few more in before they're off to college. We haven't gone specifically to visit the parks - usually these are 'offshoots' of necessary family or business engagements. Married to a super ambitious guy, our family mantra has become "Whenever we can, we will". So when we were in California recently for my niece's wedding we naturally had to 'swing by' Yosemite.   

California is a BIG state, with BIG, wild stuff - like massive trees and mountains and fields I've discovered since, so when we looked at the directions, I figured it couldn't be that difficult, until we started the long winding journey. In between the backseat squabbles, and the front-seat squabbles, and the car sickness, and the panic of no gas stations or food stops for miles and miles on end, we saw some amazing sites.  And then we finally made it.  

We went.  We saw. We conquered (we got the picture). 

And, again, we were amazed by God's creation.  To think we could spend a while lifetime exploring new wonders and never get bored.  Imagine how heaven will be.