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Becky's Midday Lunch Break

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Becky's Midday Lunch Break is a chance for us to inspire one another on this journey called life, and grow in specific areas. We'll be chatting with guests each Monday in the noon hour. If there is a topic you'd like to hear more about, please let me know. I always love to hear what's going on with you and explore ways we can lift each other up to become the best versions of who God created us to be. You can always reach me by email: [email protected], or call me during Middays with Becky M-F 10a to 3p at 800.700.1094. I look forward to hearing from you!   

Today's guest, Bonnie McDaniel is someone I am inspired by to maximize the gifts God has given us, and I especially strive to be more like her when it comes to creating an inviting home where family and friends love to gather to make memories. You can check out some of her creations, pictures, recipes, tips and gardening pointers at www.bonniemcdanielgoodliving.com. Here is more of what we talked about today:    

At the onset of each new year, most people find themselves making resolutions.  Those resolutions can range anywhere from shedding extra pounds, enrolling in cooking classes, organizing home or finally planting that vegetable garden.  Whatever changes you might be contemplating, keep in mind, taking small, realistic steps are the easiest way to get you there. 

So, how do you get started?  I am so glad you asked.  These tips can perhaps provide the boost you have been looking for.

Purge.  Whether it is decluttering your living space or your mind, it is critical that you move out what is no longer working for you.  Begin by cleaning out closets or kitchen cupboards and donating or disposing of items that you either no longer use or don’t fit your lifestyle any longer. If it is a mental thing, ask yourself, “what old things am I holding on to that no longer serve me in where I am trying to go.  And then, take that step to mentally move into another space.

Plan.  If one of the goals you are trying to reach is to eat healthier, now would be the perfect time to make a plan for that vegetable garden.  Not only will your body thank you, but your mind will thank you too. While everything is dormant, take a walk around your space and think about how to get  started.  For ideas, you can read my previous blog post on “Gardening for Novices” to give you a boost.  

If on the other hand, you would like to pare down your debt or increase your savings, planning is the best way to get you there.  Keep in mind that whatever plan you put in place, make sure it is realistic and that you can commit to getting it done.  Make sure whatever plan you make that you are not measuring yourself against someone else.  In other words, plan what is your life and not a duplicate of some else.

Pause.  Throughout the year, it is important that you pause to measure where you are and consider what tweaking might need to take place in order to keep you on track.

New beginnings are always challenging, because most of us resist change.  The good news is, once you garner the courage to start, with focus and the right attitude, you will eventually get wherever it is you are trying to go.

You can read more of what Bonnie McDaniel is working on here.