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Bulletproof by Citizen Way

By: Becky
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Bulletproof is a fun, upbeat song from Citizen Way that packs a powerful message. It means a lot to me as a mom especially with the news that came out of Alexandria recently. I want my kids to understand that bad things may happen in this world, but God has a promise of eternal life that is invincible!

The song is based on Ephesians 6:10-20 where it talks about putting on the armor of God. I've included the lyrics for you as well. This line is so powerful: "My victory is not in this flesh and bone, It's in the cross and I know nobody's taking it from me. I don't have to fear no more. Worry no more."

Ben Calhoun from the band explains more about their inspiration in this short video. He wants to get the message out there that no matter what Satan throws at us, we are protected... no matter what the world may say.

Song Title:  Bulletproof

Song Artist:  Citizen Way

Song Album:  2.0