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An open letter to those who have mixed feelings about Father's Day

By: Becky
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Father's Day can be challenging, even painful for many reasons, but it is especially hard if you never had a stable or positive father figure in your life.

A listener named John called the WGTS 91.9 Studio Line the other day to share something that's been on his heart. He doesn't have children, but felt God gave him this message to share with those who need a little extra love on Father's Day. 

There's such a heartfelt message in this poem especially if you or someone you know could use some healing in this area. It comes from the perspective of the father who couldn't be there. I hope you find some peace and love in these words.    



This may sound a little strange, but God has placed this on my heart to say.


I left before you were born

I left when you were a child

I left when you were a teenager

I left when you needed me the most


I was confused, I was scared, I was not getting along with your mom, I left because the drugs

and alcohol had taken control of me, I left because I found someone else to love, I left because I could

not take the pain of my illness any longer; I left because someone else took my life. I left because I didn't

Know how to love you back, the way you loved me I left because the streets got the best of me and now I'm

in prison. Unable to come out

I left because.

There are many excuses out there but the fact remains. I am not here with you now and for that I am sorry

I missed your birth

I missed your first cry

I missed your first steps

I missed your first words

I missed your birthdays

I missed your teen years

I missed your first date

I missed your graduation

I missed your first game

I miss your wedding day

I missed you.

This letter is for my kids, here are all the excuses laid out in front of you to see.

For that I say

I'm sorry

I want you to know no matter what I have done to hurt you I AM SORRY. I didn't realize the effects it put

on you. I do love you and I am very proud of what you have become. God has placed on my heart to write

you this letter. There are fathers out here stuck in a place of emptiness and don't understand why, and

there are children wandering around this land wandering why dad left, does he care, is he alive, I don't

have the answer to that question, but I want you to know there is a God in heaven that does care about you

and He asked me to write you this letter to let you know how much he cares about you and loves you. He

wanted me to tell you something. He wanted me to apologize for the hurt your natural dad had caused,

and He wanted me to tell you that no matter what you are feeling or going through He is here to help if you

ask Him. God wanted you to know that we all have choices to make in this world and whatever choice you

make you will have to live with it. He tried to tell your dad but he would not listen, so my prayer is that

you will listen. This life is short but the love of Christ is everlasting. Please take time out of whatever is

going on and ask God for help. He loves you like no other and he has plans for you...

Just open you bible to Jeremiah 29 verse 11—then read Deuteronomy 28 verse 1-14 and see all the

blessings and desires God has for you. One last thing forgive your dad. It’s time to release some love in the


I will be praying for you

I love you and I am very proud of you

From a man who has no children but loves every one of you with the love of Christ

Now go and be the man and woman God has called you to be.


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