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Program Manager Erin Gallagher of This is My Brave

By: Spencer
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 Erin Gallagher Program Manager for  This is My Brave joined Becky to talk about the organization and how they are helping breakdown the stigma surrounding mental illness. The mission of This is My Brave is to empower individuals to put their names and faces on their stories of recovery from mental illness and addiction. The vision of This is My Brave is to one day live in a world where we don't have to call it "brave" to talk openly about mental illness. We'll simply call it talking. This is my Brave has their National Teen Show coming up Saturday September 26, at 7PM in Herndon. After the live teen performances of original music, poetry and there will be a  panel discussion on teen mental illness. If you would like more information on the FREE tickets and about This is My Brave click here.  




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