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What to do when you get rejected

By: Becky
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(Lysa Terkeurst and YouTube teen sensation Chelsea Crockett talk about what to do when you get rejected. Perhaps it will help shield and strengthen you and your loved ones as we get ready to begin a new school year.)

We have felt the pain of rejection at some point in life. Maybe we didn't get the job we wanted, or we see pictures of our friends at a party on social media that we weren't invited to.  

It's hurtful enough as adults, but when our kids don't make it onto the team, or aren't invited to the birthday party of the year, or they get turned down for a date - that's really hard to swallow. Lysa Terkeurst is a mom of five, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a New York Times bestselling author with a passion to help those who are hurting.

She opens up about those very raw feelings in her book called "Uninvited:  Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely." She also shares the story of her painful past in an attempt to bring hope and healing when it comes to feeling rejected or left out. She has been particularly sensitive to this her whole life, something she feels began with the abandonment of her father at a young age.    

She's so passionate about helping ease other people's pain, she is even partnering with YouTube beauty expert Chelsea Crockett on a new video series offering encouragement and advice to those who may be in the heat of those painful emotions.  

"Healed people, heal people," she says.  And she offers advice for parents not to get swept up into the drama their kids are facing, but to help them build the skills and lay the groundwork to make sure they don't devalue their God-given worth even in the midst of the most painful situations.

In this world where we are inundated with social media, it's almost impossible to escape those 'less than' feelings, and the loneliness and pain that can ensue. She is very empathetic to those who understand the hurt of being left out and excluded.      

She was on the Today Show to offer ideas on how to deal with those painful feelings.  She points out that it can be particularly devastating for our teens, and offers ideas so we can help them cope, grow and learn from these hurtful experiences.     

Learn more at Lysa's blog, "You Are (Un)Invited"  

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